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Professionals and businesses rely on and value our products for over a decade. Simplicity and reliability create timelessness and lasting value, combined with a satisfying and intuitive user experience. Design and Technology are balanced, while keeping the human in control.

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ZAP-SHOT™ - wireless radio (RF) remote control for Canon, Nikon and Pentax DSLR Cameras

Other than a cable remote switch, the ZAP-SHOT™ ZS-2 gives you full freedom and -compared to an infrared (IR) remote control - it allows you to operate the shutter from any direction and even through walls… ...and all this with an amazing range!

PixelPerfectFrames™ - Real Frames for Digital Photos

PixelPerfectFrames™ are the only premium quality Digital Picture Frames featuring real wood custom picture frames. Brilliant Display. Easy to use. Simply beautiful.